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Tick Time - Protect Your Pet Now
2013 Brewerytown Spring Festival
2012 Fairmount Fling
Brewerytown Food Truck Roundup
Brewerytown Spring Festival


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Tick Time - Protect Your Pet Now

Recently we've had a couple of dogs come in with ticks clustered around their head and snout areas.  At the time of drop off, the owners did not know their dogs had ticks on them.
We discovered the ticks during the grooming and bathing process. We tweezed each tick off of the dogs, and then shampooed the dogs with Adam's Flea & Tick Shampoo.
This small surge in ticks is a very timely reminder that cats and dogs should be kept on a flea and tick preventive treatment all year round, AND that some cats and most dogs (certainly all dogs with longer hair) should be groomed on a regular basis.

2013 Brewerytown Spring Festival

Yo Philly! Block offSaturday, May 18th, 2013 from Noon to 5:00pm, in your calendar. That's the day the Brewerytown neighborhood celebrates its annual spring festival.
The Brewerytown Spring Festival is a celebration of arts and crafts, live music and deliciously unique food.
Arts and crafts vendors will be set up along the 2700 and 2800 blocks of West Girard Avenue.  Live bands will be playing at 28th Street and Girard Avenue.  And, NEW for this year's festival, 25 food trucks from the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association (

2012 Fairmount Fling

Come party with the fun folks of Fairmount Thursday, November 15, 2012.  The Fairmount Fling is the premier annual fundraiser for the Fairmount CDC (www.fairmountcdc.org). Restaurants from Fairmount will provide free food samples to go along with free wine and beer. Live music will be provided by the York Street Hustle (www.yorkstreethustle.com). Funds are raised through ticket sales and from proceeds of the silent auction that will be held during the Fling.
2012 is a special year for the Fairmount CDC.

Brewerytown Food Truck Roundup

Hey, don't bother making dinner plans for next Friday night, July the 27th.  From 5pm til 10pm, Brewerytown will be hosting a Food Truck Roundup, courtesy of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association, and other sponsors.
Date: Friday, July 27th, 2012
Time: 5pm til 10pm
Where: Grassy lot at 27th Street and Girard Avenue
Who/what: Around 15 food trucks, beer and live music.
It should be an absolute blast, and a great way to spend a Friday evening, after a long week in the office (booooooooo)!

Brewerytown Spring Festival

Make a note in your calendar to swing through Brewerytown onSaturday, May 12, 2012.  The annualBrewerytown Spring Festivalwill be in full swing.
The West Girard Business Association, the Fairmount CDC and the Greater Brewerytown CDC are the organizers of this event.
The festival kicks off at noon, and officially ends at 4:00pm, however, it usually runs several hours past the official closing time.
We are hoping to make this year's festival the most exciting, creative and tasty one to date.

Flower Power!

Well, I was going to write a short article on my foray into the world of flowers, however, some very nice journalism students from Temple University came to my store, interviewed me, then wrote and posted the following article.
Please click on this link to read it, then stop by my store to see what I have:

Hey 9-to-5ers! Consider This New Service From Us.

So, your dog (or cat) needs to be groomed. You work a typical Monday to Friday schedule, and your weekend is already packed solid with chores and activities.
What do most people in this predicament do? 
They get their dog groomed after work at a shop that offers evening hours. This CAN be a convenience, if you don't mind going home to pick up your dog, driving to the groomer, then trying to kill 2 or 3 hours until they call you to pick him up.  Now's it's 8:00pm, you're tired, hungry, aggravated, still need to walk the just-groomed dog, and won't get home until 8:30pm or 9:00pm.

Yes, We Groom Cats!

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Handsome Himalayan
Occasionally a customer will call the store and lambast me for having a dog-centric website and marketing material.
I think it's pretty clear that we provide grooming services for cats, but obviously some cat owners don't agree.

Spring 2012 Dental Clinic. Are you in?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of good dental hygiene for our dogs and cats.  As the owner of a grooming shop, I see the neglected teeth of many pets, but don't believe I have any truly effective solutions I can offer to my clients (other than to recommend them to a vet for an expensive dental cleaning that probably involves anesthesia).
After googling forums, articles, companies, products, etc., I came across this company:
I found them through an online article I read about a former Wall Street guy who was bringing them in to service his clients at his high end doggy daycare centers in Manhattan.

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try And Try Again.

At Best In Show Grooming Salon, our goal is to have every client leave our store happy and completely satisfied with the groom their dog or cat received.  In fact, we want them to be more than satisfied, we want them to be so blown away, they become lifelong customers...coming back on a regular basis, and recommending Best In Show to others.
However, we know that doesn't always happen.  Being in the service industry, we''ve quickly learned that while we strive to please everyone, it is virtually impossible to make everyone happy every time.