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We're hiring. We're looking for great candidates to fill the following positions:


1) must correctly bathe cats and all breeds of dogs

2) must be an expert on pet hair, hair types and conditions

3) must be an expert on hair products and open to continuous learning/experimenting

4) must be able to confidently trim nails, fully dry and brush out coats (ability to express anal glands is a plus)

5) Responsible, punctual, emotionally and intellectually mature, a stickler for organization and details - all very, very desirable traits

We use a bathing system and cage drying system.


1) Punctual early bird

2) Ethical and honest

3) Friendly, outgoing and possess a naturally positive attitude

4) Problem solver

5) Great phone skills, including the ability to juggle multiple phone calls, missed calls, voicemails and other duties - without skipping a beat

6) Organized, with great scheduling skills

7) Quick learner with excellent customer service abilities

Email your resume or work history to

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