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Please make sure your dog has relieved himself at least once prior to the appointment. Taking your dog out before coming here will minimize accidents in the store.

All dogs must be secured by a collar and leash. Do not remove the collar or leash upon your arrival. The dog should be handed over to us with the leash attached to the collar.

All cats must be in a secure pet carrier.


Our goal is to thoroughly clean your pet, then give him the haircut you requested. However, there are several variables that may prevent us from achieving a 100% success rate. These include:

1) Hair condition - if your pet has mats, we may have to shave off all the hair. If the mats can be de-tangled, and your dog will tolerate the de-matting process, we will proceed for an additional charge (usually $10 to $30 additional). Keep in mind, aside from being an expensive option, de-matting can be painful and dangerous. De-matting tools have long sharp edges that are used to break up the hair knots. If the dog moves at the wrong moment, he may get cut. THE BEST WAY TO AVOID MATS IS TO COMB OUT YOUR DOG'S HAIR SEVERAL TIMES PER WEEK (See In Between Groomings below).

2) Behavior or temperament - some dogs are naturally jumpy and just can't stand still. Other dogs will tenaciously resist any attempts to trim their facial hair, trim their paws or cut their nails (this may be due to an inate fear of clippers, or due to a past injury). Under these circumstances, we will do the best we can, and when you pick up your dog, we will explain how he behaved and what we were, or were not, able to complete. 


On average, grooming a small dog or cat takes about 2 to 3 hours. However, if we are busy or if a dog or cat is taking longer to groom than anticipated, we may not be able to get to your pet as soon as you come in, even if you have an appointment.

If you need your pet groomed and ready for pick up by a specific time, discuss this with us when you drop him off. Make sure you have a verbal commitment from us before you leave the shop.

SATURDAY IS OFTEN OUR BUSIEST DAY. If possible, schedule a weekday appointment for quicker turnaround times.


We recommend a monthly Bath and Brush Service for all dogs, and a Full Service Groom for long hair dogs every 5 to 8 weeks. Long hair dogs should be combed or brushed out several times a week (metal comb or slicker brush). Make sure the teeth of the comb touch the skin. If you just comb or brush the outer coat, mats will develop next to the skin, and we may have to shave down your dog. Use positive reinforcement, such as treats, when you comb out your dog.


Our policy is to give a flea & tick bath to all pets that have fleas or ticks. If you know your pet has fleas or ticks, please tell us as soon as you come into the shop. If we discover the fleas or ticks after you leave, we will attempt to contact you, but will proceed with the flea & tick bath even if we can't reach you. The additional charge for a flea & tick bath is $10 to $15. NOTE: If you are going to apply a topical flea & tick treatment to your dog or cat after we've groomed him, please wait several days before applying the treatment. Skin can be more sensitive to treatments immediately following a grooming, and applying a flea & tick product could produce a reaction. If you suspect your dog or cat is having a bad reaction to a flea & tick treatment, immediately rinse him off thoroughly with tap water, then contact your veterinarian for further advice.


Diet plays an important role in the long term health of your pet, as well as the condition of his skin and coat. Please feed your pet a premium food, such as Nutro, Eukanuba, Solid Gold, Wellness, Merrick, etc. These brands are more expensive than your standard grocery store brands (Alpo, Purina, Pedigree, Beneful), but they are MUCH better for your pet. Try switching to one of these brands for at least one month, and see if you notice an improvement in the condition of your pet's skin and coat (shinier, less dandruff, less shedding, less stool).

NOTE: The first ingredient of any good pet food should be meat (chicken, beef, lamb or fish meal), NOT "water sufficient for processing" or "poultry/beef by-product" or "corn".

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