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Opinionated PomPoo

Calm Shih Tzu in Winter Coat

Handsome Labradoodle

Gorgeous Goldendoodle

Pugnacious Pugapoo

Handsome Himalayan

Favorite Standard Poodle

Another cute Shih Tzu/Poodle mix.

Shih Tzu Mix Ready To Party

Rambunctious Lhasa Mix

Handsome Terrier Mix

Spunky Shih Tzu/Lhasa mix Puppy

Funky Little Poodle

Cute Yorkie Couple

The happy couple is expecting

Amazing Affenpinscher

Cute Shih Tzu Puppy

Sensational Shih Tzu

Another sensational Shih Tzu. Ready for Father's Day Weekend.

Goldendoodle Pup

Goldendoodle for a bath after the park

Shy Scottie

Shy, sweet and very handsome Scottie.

Wacky Westie

Our wacky Westie - got his summer doo on, he's ready to play.

Handsome Pomeranian

Cute as a button.

Pampered Pom

So cute, so sweet. We love her!

Perky Poodle

Perky Poodle. I'm ready; where the heck's my mom?

Fun loving Shih Tzu

Feeling much better, now that his itchy hair is gone. Ready for the weekend.

Spunky YorkiPoo

Clean, cut and ready to party!

Jumpin' JackaPoo

Have you ever seen a JackaPoo? She's a live wire!

Sweet, Sweet Shih Tzu

Very sweet, very curious little Shih Tzu

A Lovely Lhasa

Fun-loving Lhasa, freshly groomed and ready to go home.

Adorable Maltese mix

Grooming all done, time to go home!

YorkiPoo puppy

Waiting for mommy to come get me.

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